Q. How do I find out the winning number?

Shortly following the conclusion of the Event, the selected Winning Number will be posted on Twitter from the @SITG_Network account, from Facebook from @ClevelandBrowns on  and on browns5050.com for a minimum of thirty (30) days following the Event. 

Q. How do I claim a winning ticket?

Prize Claimant need not be present at the time of the drawing to win.  To claim the Prize, the Prize Claimant must notify Sponsor within thirty (30) days of the announcement of the winning number by calling (440) 891-5142 or emailing 5050Raffle@clevelandbrowns.com and following the instructions given.  

Q. How long do I have to claim my winnings?

The winner will have 30 days to redeem the ticket. 



Q. Why does browns5050.com require my location and/or why am I receiving the following prompt: "https://browns5050.com would like to use your current location?"

Your current location is required to confirm eligibility. The “Raffle Purchase Area” is defined as the state of Ohio minus a seventy-five (75) mile radius from corporate city limits of Cincinnati, Ohio. Participation in the Raffle is prohibited outside the Raffle Purchase Area and otherwise where prohibited by law, rule, or regulation.

Q. What if I already selected "Don't Allow"?

Reloading the page should cause you to be prompted to share your location again. If you have specified that you never want to share your location, you will need to go into your settings to allow. See below for instructions.

Q. What if I receive the following prompt: "You must allow your browser to share your location to purchase tickets. Please click "OK" to reload this page, then be sure to allow your browser to share your location to share your location when prompted"?

The browser should reload the page and ask you to share location upon loading. Note: In some browsers, the popup may say "close" instead of "OK"

Q. I entered the incorrect email and did not receive my tickets, how can I get my tickets resent?

Please go to the Contact page and request that the Raffle Manager email you your tickets.

Q: What if I cannot purchase tickets on browns5050.com due to Location issues?

You may have told your browser to never share your location. You need to change that setting to allow sale.

Please navigate to the Enable Location Services tab of the webpage for further troubleshooting steps.